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Bob Riccardi Music Editing and Mixing


A well edited piece of music is the foundation of a great performance.

Bob Riccardi Professional Music Editing and Mixing exists to provide performance artists -- dancers, skaters, choreographers, gymnasts, cheerleaders, beauty pageant contestants, bodybuilders -- with exquisite renditions of the music that is the soundtrack for your great performance.

Bob Riccardi

Bob Riccardi has been editing and mixing music for
performance artists for more than 20 years.

We provide clients with an array of services designed to meet all of your music needs: music editing and mixing, music selection, cataloging and back-up, in CD, cassette or MP3 format. More than thirty years in the professional music industry, and twenty years of music editing and music mixing for performers, has given me a unique ability to provide you with seamless edits, at a constant audio level, speed adjusted if necessary, and transitions from one section to the next that are invisible to the listener.

Our music library consists of more than 8,500 vinyl albums in perfect condition, 6,000 singles and over 4,000 CDs. Our many clients around the country know that they can rely on us, not just for editing and mixing, but also for putting years of experience to work in suggesting appropriate works and searching for hard-to-find musical selections.

Customers know they can depend on us to meet their criteria and their deadlines.

Give us a call and discover the advantage of letting an expert produce your musical selections for you.